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Providing Fire Hose and Ladder Testing since 1999

We are a full service fire hose and ground ladder testing company located in SE Texas. We began operations in 1999 and have continued to grow and offer our services to help departments of all sizes. We provide fire hose testing and ground ladder testing services in many states and for both city and county fire departments.

Fire hose and ground ladder services provided by state:
  • Texas Fire Hose Testing
  • Oklahoma Fire Hose Testing
  • Arkansas Fire Hose Testing
  • Louisiana Fire Hose Testing
  • Mississippi Fire Hose Testing
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As many of you know, in both the largest paid Fire Departments to the smallest rural Volunteer Fire Departments, personnel can no longer be viewed as a FREE commodity. Departments must constantly analyze the efficient use of each of their members time. Let us help you with your most valuable commodity, your personnel. Also, in the business of Emergency Response, we are always evaluating risk vs. benefit. Please allow our staff to show you the numerous benefits vs. the actual cost of testing hose. Give us a call for a list of departments near you that we currently test for; you may be surprised.

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Please contact us if you have any questions about the way you are currently testing your fire department departments hose or ground ladders.

Toll free: 888-384-TEST(8378) | Direct: 832-722-7765 | Fax: 888-392-3892
Fire Hose Testing and Ground Ladder Testing